Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

It is a concept of connecting smart devices and controlling via Internet. Here, the things can be anything, chairs, table, electronic appliances, building, live stock, vehicles, human, etc. Embedded with sensors, electronics, software and network connectivity that enables these objects to get the ability to sense and communicate. How about monitoring & controlling your home appliances from anywhere in the world?
Here is a great opportunity to learn how to do it.

  • As of now, there are around 4.6 billion connected devices.
  • By 2022, this number will increase to 15.3 billion according to the Ericsson Mobility report.
  • A recent report by Gartner states that 43% of all companies are either using or planning to implement the IoT.

Highlights of the workshop


Classes will be taken by Industry Experts

Certificate will be issued by CDIX Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Which is a pure Industry automation Company

Learn About Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MQTT, NodeMCU ESP8266/32

Adafruit IO & IFTTT concepts

Individual Node MCU developments kits provided to students

All the necessary software will be provided to students

Control devices Anywhere in the world.


Week 1 &2:
Introduction to the Internet of Things
Installing & Getting the required components & Software
Architecture of IoT
Blinking an LED with Arduino / ESP8266 / Particle Photon
Working around with Various Sensors & Motors
– Soil Moisture Sensor for Smart Agriculture
– Temperature / Pressure / Humidity Finder
– RFID access control
– CO2 Gas detection sensor
– Ultrasonic Radar creation
– Controlling Servo with Potentiometer
Controlling 230V AC Current using Relay
Complete the IoT part locally

Week 3 & 4:
Introduction to Raspberry Pi
– Unboxing & Installing the OS
– Setting up the Environment
Basics of Python
Introduction to MQTT Protocol
Control things anywhere in the world.
Introduction to Industry 4.0 (IIoT).
Test, Use cases, Summary & Feedback

Arduino UNO    x 1

Arduino Cable    x 1

Soil Moisture Sensor    x 1

Temperature Sensor    x 1

Ultrasonic Sensor      x 1

Servo sg90 Motors    x 1

Breadboard     x 1

Jumpers     x 30

LED         x 10

Certificate will be issued by Makers Tribe in Association with CDIX Innovations Pvt. Ltd.