Woodcraft Workshop

Woodcraft Workshop:

Designing Woodcraft with skillful and professional people.

What we Train?

We train people to design customized crafts out of wood which they can use in day-to-day life. How to use the tools and equipment. Help participants selecting the best wood based on requirement.

Takeaway: Woodcraft designed by the participant and knowledge on Woodcraft.

Thread Lamp

Thread Lamp:

Make the glowing lamps more mesmerizing with the thread works.

What we do:

We help participants in making their own thread lamps using different techniques.


Thread lamp customized by you and lot of memories &  chitchat.

First Aid

First Aid:

The First-Aid Workshop is highly informative. Did you know that 75% of lives can be saved by providing proper first aid immediately? 

What we do?
Professional Trainers will explain the precautions and steps to be followed for different kinds of emergencies. They provided training on how to provide life-saving CPR to revive the heart. 
People should be alert & ready to help at times of emergencies with a calm mind as every second counts. 

A stitch in time saves nine!😊