Let's Ignite the Makers Culture.

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Our mission

To ignite the makers culture and to accelerate innovation by introducing sustainable education and skill development to everyone irrespective of gender, age and educational qualification.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


Learn valuable new age technologies to shape your career and hone your skills.


Meet people from various backgrounds and build things together.


Discover Makers Tribe

Makers Tribe is a community of Makers. Anyone interested in exploring technologies and making innovative and disruptive solutions and products which make an impact on the world can be a maker.

Helping people to make use of their time productively and to explore interesting things like IoT, ML and Ottobot on the technical side and Woodcraft, Thread Lamp, Travel Diaries and Musical Jam on the non-technical side.

Making new things, Learning valuable skills and exploring new possibilities.

Create a community of Makers who can use our Makerspace to do constructive things.