Community Building

We Provide community as a service.

Makers Tribe is a Community Hub. There are 13,000+ Members in 30+ different micro communities. These clusters of communities have connections. 

Three services in Community building:

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Community Building at Makers Tribe

Intra-Community within an Organisation

If you want to improve the community spirit within your organisation, we can help you with that by conducting Hackathons, employee engagement programs, etc. Thus, you can outsource the community building activity to us and reduce the operational expenses. And, we can do wonders.

Community Membership

Makers Tribe is a giant community where innovation meets collaboration—that’s us! We’re not just a hub; we’re a Makerspace, a coworking haven, and a tech-learning hotspot.

Hang out with 13,000+ amazing folks

Get into 30+ micro-communities where passions converge and co-create!

And many more!

Makers Tribe + (Budding entrepreneurs)


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Makers Tribe ++ (For Startup founders)


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Community Building for Brands

If you have a product or service, we will create a community around your product or services by organising events, promotions, competitions, etc.