WordPress Bootcamp – Build a Website from the Scratch In a Day & Explore Revenue Opportunities

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WordPress Bootcamp – Build a Website from the Scratch In a Day & Explore Revenue Opportunities
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WordPress Bootcamp – Build a Website from the Scratch In a Day & Explore Revenue Opportunities

One-Day Bootcamp by Makers Tribe

Makers Tribe is organizing a one-day bootcamp to help anyone build their own website from scratch within a day. It will also explore opportunities to turn website building into an income stream.

WordPress, a popular low-code CMS, powers 43.4% of all websites, including 474 million sites. In this session, we’ll cover everything from purchasing and integrating to installing and customizing, ensuring you understand the entire process of making a website live.


Date – 17th August 2024

Time – 10 AM to 5 PM

Venue – IIT Madras Research Park



Topics We are going to cover

– The World of Domains
– How to Make Money Using Domains
– Hosting Servers
– Things to Remember While Purchasing Hosting
– How to Make Money Using Hosting
– Live Purchase of Domain & Hosting
– Interconnecting Domain & Hosting
– Make a Website Live
– Web Browser & Web Server
– Front End & Back End
– Database
– WordPress
– Architecture of WordPress
– Pages
– Posts
– Menus
– Basic Settings
– Themes
– Plugins
– Customization
– Page Builders
– Ecommerce Setup
– Backup
– SEO Best Practices
– Cache & Security
– Next Steps for Improvement
– Revenue-Making Opportunities
– Freelancing Opportunities
– Agencies & Startup Opportunities

What is Included?
– A Domain Name (for One Year)
– Web Hosting (Shared – Only for Practice)
– Lunch Included
– Tea & Snacks
– Certificate
– Expert Sessions
– Learning Resources
– Guidance on Freelancing
– Network with Like-Minded People
– Joining an Exclusive WhatsApp Group
– Fun-Filled Learning

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone with basic computer knowledge
  • Ideal for those looking to earn money in their free time using technology
  • Individuals who want to start their own agency or startup with minimal investment
  • People who want to start their career in WordPress


Benefits of Attending This Bootcamp
– You will walk away with your own Website which you built
– Gain hands-on experience with domain and hosting setup
– Learn to create and manage a WordPress website
– Discover revenue-making opportunities through freelancing, agencies, and startups
– Receive a domain name for one year
– Earn a certificate of completion
– Access expert sessions and learning resources
– Get guidance on freelancing
– Network with like-minded individuals
– Join an exclusive WhatsApp group for continuous learning and support
– Experience fun-filled, interactive learning


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